About Us

Southern Colorado Community Action Agency (SoCoCAA) is a 52-year-old community-based non-profit organization and is the operator of the Bustang Outrider Durango-Grand Junction route.  SoCoCAA (formerly Southern Ute Community Action Programs, or SUCAP) is a community action agency, designed to respond to community needs.  It’s program divisions (there are six) are like non-profit agencies in themselves.  In 1999, SoCoCAA (then SUCAP) created Road Runner Transit to increase mobility and help low income riders save money. 
When Greyhound was forced to cut its Salt Lake City-to-Albuquerque route in 2011, Road Runner stepped forward to develop bus service over a segment of the route from Durango to Grand Junction.  The effort was led by Clayton Richter, then the Road Runner Lead Driver.  Clayton became Transit Director the following year, and in partnership with Greyhound and CDOT, the first riders traveled to Grand Junction on July 15, 2014.  The service operated as Road Runner Stage Lines until September, 2018 when it was rebranded as Bustang Outrider, part of the state-wide Bustang system. Sadly, Clayton passed away in 2016, but his legacy lives on every time someone boards the coach in Southwest Colorado.
Please find more information at www.sococaa.org.